Why Us?

Our practice is designed to be patient-centered. Staff members are friendly, well-trained, and professional, and patients can count on receiving our doctors’ personal attention. We always strive to improve our orthodontic techniques to give our patients the best result attainable. We believe that technology is important in the orthodontic world, but it is not to be used as a replacement for tried-and-true clinical fundamentals that have been taught to orthodontists for the last 50 years. We keep our fees reasonable by providing a well-maintained and efficient office. In short, we want your orthodontic dollar to be spent on orthodontic treatment.

At present, we use a technology that is truly on the cutting edge in the orthodontic world. Our orthodontic office use the most up to date technology including: Suresmile, Invisalign, self-ligating orthodontic brackets, traditional braces and ceramic or clear braces that help bring the highest quality orthodontic result to the patient in the shortest period of time.

Mission Statement

The mission of our practice is to provide a consistently superior orthodontic result to our patients. We will use the best available appliances, systems, and technologies to facilitate this course. We are a patient-centered practice and want to make our partnership as satisfying and enjoyable as possible for everyone involved. The ultimate goal of our practice is to satisfy the patient, doctors, and staff with a great overall orthodontic experience and top-notch final results.